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Rising Tide, educating girls and empowering women

Educating women allows a country's entire people to contribute to its advancement.

When given the chance, women tend to be better managers of household finances, and better recipients of microlending, building stronger local economic communities.

Women with fertility rights tend to have smaller families, committing more resources to raising more capable future generations, and more quickly stabilizing population.

Politically, women voters tend to moderate radical voting trends.

Rising Tide is an outreach effort, to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of women to the success of developing countries.

For this project, Arcos will travel to developing countries to create a film series about programs that educate girls and empower women.

We’ll distribute these films through our proven system to millions of viewers, free of charge, focusing attention on this vital issue.

Between trips, we’ll highlight other programs in developing areas and promote their work through this community.

Arcos creates nonpartisan media projects to change the culture on important social issues. We produce documentaries, distribute them through PBS broadcast, online and through public screenings, create awareness through traditional and online press, and build communities of viewers and engaged participants. See our other projects here.

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See more images from our Nepal trip here.

In November 2013, we traveled to rural Nepal, to see the phenomenal difference a local nonprofit could make in changing the country – by educating girls.

We looked at The Small World’s projects from the capital city of Kathmandu to the mountains of the Solukhumbu district, in some of the most remote villages in the world.

These education efforts are improving the lives of young women, helping them and their society appreciate their equality and ability to contribute, opening opportunities and enhancing their independence, while strengthening their communities.

Success stories found here, in the poorest country in Asia, can help guide girls’ education projects anywhere in the developing world.

The film will be distributed in 2016. Follow us on Facebook or check back here for updates.

This effort would not have been possible without our friends at Edge Of Seven, an American-Nepalese school building organization, who connected us with The Small World.

For more on their impressive work, please visit their website, facebook page and blog.

For the first Rising Tide film, generous contributors covered our travel and lodging, while Arcos donated its time, equipment, editing and post-production costs – a total investment of more than $150,000.

We’ve had to create the film and project during breaks in our regular work – but this is an effort that deserves our full attention.

If you’d like to be sure that millions of viewers understand that equality for women will lift the developing world, please support Rising Tide.
To help, or simply to know more, email us at risingtide@arcosfilms.com.